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Glories of the Italian Baroque
Vivaldi wasn’t the only Italian composer of ebullient, effervescent, immediately charming Baroque gems. Join us for this delightful soiree with the hit makers of Italy, circa 1700. Leading the way at this concert are two violin concertos by Vivaldi, full of drama and the extremes of emotions from the lyrical to the explosive, allowing Aisslinn Nosky to dazzle with her mastery. The Italian Baroque offers music that is dramatic and heart-on-sleeve, alive with color and fired by unbounded energy.
Fri 2/22/19 7:30PM Jordan Hall Glories of the Italian Baroque
Sun 2/24/19 3:00PM Jordan Hall Glories of the Italian Baroque

Beethoven Symphony No. 5
2018-2019 Season
Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Audience members often tell us that H+H concerts re-introduce them to masterpieces they had never before heard with such freshness and vigor. That’s because H+H delivers with the vitality the composer intended, before 200 years of history weighed it down. Beethoven’s immortal Fifth Symphony, rising from its distinctive four-note opening, carries you with dramatic intensity from tragedy to triumph, from darkness into the light. And H+H’s performance of this iconic score on the kinds of instruments Beethoven knew and wrote for, creates a sound that crackles with freshness and authenticity, giving it an almost ink-not-quite-dry feel.
Fri 3/8/19 7:30PM Symphony Hall Beethoven Symphony No. 5
Sun 3/10/19 3:00PM Symphony Hall Beethoven Symphony No. 5

Purcell <i>Dido and Aeneas</i>
2018-2019 Season
Purcell Dido and Aeneas
Heartache never sounded more haunting than in this affecting opera which beautifully marries words and music to convey the range of human emotions. Harry Christophers leads the complete opera with enhanced staging by Aidan Lang, the acclaimed General Director at the Seattle Opera.
Fri 3/29/19 7:30PM Jordan Hall Purcell Dido and Aeneas
Sun 3/31/19 3:00PM Jordan Hall Purcell Dido and Aeneas

Mozart Requiem
2018-2019 Season
Mozart Requiem
Mozart’s sublime final composition, left unfinished at the time of his death, is universally acknowledged as one of the most powerful and moving masterpieces ever composed. In the hands of Harry Christophers and the musicians of H+H, it will be an experience to remember. The Requiem has an otherworldly beauty intimating that—having already glimpsed the beyond—Mozart is on the threshold of eternity. Harry Christophers conducts this final concert of the season that also includes Mozart’s stately Masonic Funeral Music, a tour de force motet by Bach, and Allegri’s polyphonic masterpiece. This music will reverberate in your soul long after the last note has faded to silence.
Fri 5/3/19 7:30PM Symphony Hall Mozart Requiem
Sun 5/5/19 3:00PM Symphony Hall Mozart Requiem